Sanity is overrated anyway. I'll be over here, getting lost in my fandoms. :)



This scene continues to kill me with the little details I keep noticing. Everyone else is mostly chilling and going “yay! we’re safe now!”, but Bucky is front and centre. He’s on duty. He’s guarding Steve. I have no doubt that if Phillips had ordered Steve to be arrested for disciplinary, that finger - which is even then still resting on the trigger - would have pulled.


spend my days locked in a haze trying to forget you babe i fall back down gotta stay high all my life to forget i’m missing you


Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: Will/Abigail, Hannibal/Abigail or Hannibal/Will murder family

"There’s something so foreign about family… like an ill-fitting suit. I never connected to the concept."


"I receive your less than subtle message, Agent Carter. I am screaming inside because I have never had a girl actually ask me out before. Therefore, I will act calm and placid and formal and Bucky will think I’m a moron".

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